Constitution, Rules & Regulations

The Constitution, Rules & Regulations documents were reviewed by delegates at the 2010 Annual Conference in Christchurch and came into effect on 1 April 2010.

Overall there have been some 30 changes almost all based on input from Annual Conference discussions or in response to requests to member brigades and individuals to submit suggestions, view etc.
The document falls into two parts:
a) Constitution - spelling out the Objects, Functions, Powers and all the other fundamental, essential, policy clauses already in our Rules; and  

b) Regulations – these are the next level, capturing all the important detail, requirements and conventions that support management of the Constitution.

You can download the documents below.


Model Rules of Association
Download File (pdf, 102KB, last modified February 26 2017)
UFBA Constitution and Rules
Download File (pdf, 200KB, last modified February 26 2017)
UFBA Regulations
Download File (pdf, 404KB, last modified February 26 2017)

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