UFBA Technical Panel

The panel is the responsible for regulating the rules that govern UFBA Challenges, selecting Officials and ensuring that Challenges run smoothly from a technical perspective.

Ian Lindsay

Ian Lindsay


Ian was elected to the Panel at the 2013 Conference at Auckland. He has been involved with Waterway Challenges since 1975 when he joined the Browns VFB and joined their newly formed Waterway Team. He ran Waterway at Sub-Assn, Provincial and National Level for 30+ years before joining the Officials where he has served at various positions at all levels. Ian has been involved with RCR at Provincial and National Levels and was very proud to be UFBA President when the Worlds were hosted by the UFBA in Wellington in 2011. Ian has also officiated at the Drivers and Combat Challenge event and is passionate about all the Challenges the UFBA organises for its members.

Alan Kennedy

Alan Kennedy

Panel Member

Alan was elected at the 2014 Conference in Tauranga. He is currently Chief Fire Officer of the Westport Volunteer Fire Brigade where he has served over 35 years. He has participated in Challenges, coached competition teams and judged Challenges at provincial and national levels. Alan has completed over 18 years service of the West Coast Technical Panel.

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