Greytown Volunteer Fire Brigade

Chief Fire Officers

Subject to the provisions of the Fire Service Act 1975,  the Chief Fire Officer is charged with the direction of all technical matters and with the operation of all fire brigades in the Fire District for which the Chief Fire Officer is appointed, and the Chief Fire Officer shall carry out those responsibilities in accordance with the policy of the Fire Service Commission and the operational instructions of the New Zealand Fire Service National Commander, so as to provide protection for that Fire District and within any area or concerning any property which the fire brigade of the Fire District is under an obligation to protect.

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Chief Fire Officer S.J. Meyrick 2015 - Present



Chief Fire Officer H.J.Howard 2010 - 2015



Chief Fire Officer C.A. Williams 2002 - 2010

Born and bred in Greytown, Chris joined the brigade in April, 1974, following in his father’s footsteps, Alan Williams, who joined in 1959 and rose to the position of Third Officer during his 33 years of service. Chris also rose to Third Officer and from there, became Greytown Chief Fire Officer in 2002, retiring in 2010



Chief Fire Officer R.M. Yule, 1993 - 2002



Chief Fire Officer P.I. Wood, 1975 – 1993

Joined the brigade in 1955 and became Chief Fire Officer some 20 years later, following in the footsteps of his father, H.W. Wood.



Chief Fire Officer G.E. Gray 1968 - 1975



Chief Fire Officer B.E. (Dick) Workman 1958 – 1968

It was due to the untiring effort and drive by CFO Dick Workman, that the present day officers and members enjoy the amenities of the present day station.



Superintendent H.W. (Bill)  Wood 1952 – 1958

Joined the Brigade in 1926.



Superintendent James Wood 1938 – 1952

Joined the Brigade in 1917.



Captain W. Gates, 1911 – 1938

Longest serving Captain with 27 years service as Captain. On the occasion of his death, it is recorded in minutes how grieved the officers of the brigade felt on the passing of their beloved Captain. Members present paid tribute to this remarkable man by observing a period of standing silence.



Captain J. Workman, 1909 – 1911

Started a long association of Workman family with the brigade.



Captain James Maguire, 1886 – 1898

Born in Kilkenny, Ireland 1844. Came out to New Zealand in 1863. Apart from his 12 years as Captain, was a prominent footballer and life member of the Greytown Bowling Club.



Captain James Baillie, 1882 – 1886

The first to command the Greytown Volunteer Brigade. also acted as Secretary/Treasurer. Born in Lanarkshire, Scotland, he came to New Zealand as a young man aged 22 and lived in the two storied house that was occupied by Hannans Electrical store