Greytown Volunteer Fire Brigade

Our People

Operational Volunteer Firefighter

Operational firefighters are the people respond to emergencies at a moment notice. They drive the fire trucks, make up the crew at fires, motor vehicles crashes, medical, hazardous substance and other incidents, they are the front line members of the Brigade. Training is supplied to ensure they can do their jobs safely, and to the best of their ability. Operational firefighters carry rank, which is related to their qualifications and skills. The Greytown brigade has a establishment of 22 operational firefighters.



Operational Support

As the title suggests, these people support operational firefighters on the incident ground, by carrying out tasks that are non-hazardous to free up firefighters for more specific tasks. These duties include: people and traffic control, transporting of equipment, salvage, logistics, assisting the incident controller, and other duties that are not in the incident hot zone. Training is supplied and operational support staff carry rank to ensure structure at an incident is maintained. The Greytown Brigade has a establishment of 6 operational support staff.



Brigade Support

This role allows people who want to contribute to the Brigade and community the opportunity to do so without having to face the challenge of responding to emergencies. It can be an important role, like providing administrative support for the day-to-day running of the Brigade, or more hands-on, like presenting fire safety programs to community groups like schools or the elderly.