Newlands Volunteer Fire Brigade

Our Station

Our Station

Newlands Volunteer Fire Brigade is part of the Wellington Fire District. We are an urban Volunteer Fire Brigade with an establishment of 20 members in total.

We have a structure of:

1 x Senior Station Officer

4 x Station Officers

3 x Senior Firefighters

4 x Qualified Firefighter

3x Firefighters

1 x Support Officer

2x Recruit Firefighter

One appliance operates from the Newlands Station which is located on Newlands Road. At the present time this is a 2010 Iveco Eurocargo 6/1 light pumping appliance with the callsign Newlands 291.

Established in 1965, the members and the local community got together, acquired and transported an old building from the NZ Army at Fort Dorset to it’s present site. The original building was converted to comprise an appliance bay with an ashphalt floor and a equipment room at the rear. Over the years a recreation room was added with an office / operations room, a kitchen and ablutions. No work was done for many years but in early 2005 most of our humble station got an upgrade. We have operated a range of appliances from a 1948 Ford openback, Dennis F2, ERF 6/3, International 6/3, Hino 6/1 as well as a variety of relief appliances. Due to restrictions with building width, our current Iveco appliance has modified mirror arms to enable it to fit in our station.

Our cover area is presently one of the few areas where there is a significant amount of new housing being erected. Newlands is considered to be one of the few suburbs within Wellington City which still has potential for considerable housing to be built, for many years to come. There are 2 large subdivisions currently still under development (WoodRidge Estate and Bellevue), a couple of small ones (Bracken Estate and Pineview), an area of life-style blocks being developed prior to building at Blackrock Rd / Miles Cres corner (Kilkelly Heights), as well as areas of infill housing going up.

Our closest neighbouring Stations are Johnsonville (Permanent / Volunteer) 1 X 6/3 Pump and 1 x 6/3 Pump/Rescue Tender at 3 minutes / 6 minutes(Volly) away, Tawa (Volunteer) 1 X 6/2 pump at 9 minutes, Thorndon (Permanent) 1 X 6/3 Pump, 1 X HEL appliance at 9 minutes. These times are all to the Newlands Station, which is situated on the Western end of the Newlands/Paparangi Area. There is a further 2 to 4 minutes to be added as a minimum, to reach the Eastern and Northern edges which is where the new housing is going up.

Our suburb has the normal fire hazards and emergency risks of a residential area: •medium density housing; •high commuter traffic volumes during rush hours; •2 hospitals for the elderly; •4 primary schools; •1 intermediate school; •1 college; •3 kindergartens; •2 playcentres; •light manufacturing industry; •service stations; •retail shopping centres. We also have added risks: •a rural interface to farmlands and conservation areas; •numerous areas of gorse and scrub intermingling with the housing; •a section of SH 1, including Ngauranga Gorge; which records huge volumes of hazardous goods carried daily, 24 hours per day.