Newlands Volunteer Fire Brigade

Other Associations

The Brigade joined the United Fire Brigades Association of New Zealand when the Brigade was formed and has remained a member ever since. Representation at the Association's annual conference has been regular and in recent years the Brigade has been a member of the Wellington/West Coast Fire Brigades Sub-Association and every endeavour is made to attend their quarterly meetings. In 1989 the Brigade joined the Hutt Valley Fire Brigades Sub-Association. A competition team was considered in the early days but with the commitments of the early members to breaking in sections and building their homes, little time was available for the input and dedication required for a competition team. In any case, the regular training sessions and the growing incidence of fire calls did mean the Brigade was kept together and interest high. Service honours awarded by the United Fire Brigades Association have been regularly presented. In 1986 the recognition of some seven years' further Fire Police service enabled three founding members to qualify for the coveted 25 year Gold Star.

The Brigade has been regularly invited to participate in events arranged by the local community at fairs and fiestas etc. Demonstrations of equipment have been given but generally the display has been a static one with an eye out for prospective members. Many a young would-be firefighters and sometimes an older one have made the most of being able to climb over the 'Big Red'. On occasion, specialist appliances from city station at some of the displays have joined us. Groups of scouts, guides, cubs and brownies etc and other young persons visit the station for talks on fire safety and the Fire Service with members giving of their time to host these people.

Fire Brigades and Telethons are synonymous and the Brigade has played a part in every one of the national Telethons. In recent years the close liaison with the Lions Club has resulted in good coverage of Newlands, Paparangi and Grenada Village and very good collections for the worthy causes have been made. Usually the weather on these occasions is not the best but from the support given financially and with other 'extras' to sustain the collectors on their rounds, it is clear the Brigade has the support of the community.

The Brigade has held several Station Open Days over the years, with the intentions of raising the profile of the brigade in the community, and to increase Fire Safety awareness. Demonstrations of Kitchen Fires, Smoke Alarms, and Fire Extinguishers have been held for an interested audience. Although the weather has not always been the kindest, the attendance on each occasion has warranted the time spent. Interest in joining is frequently a spin-off of such events. Although the signage at such events relates to the Volunteer brigade, there is often an expression of surprise that the members are not paid for the work put in and for the Fire Calls attended.