Newlands Volunteer Fire Brigade

Fire Police Calls

One of the major fires attended by the Newlands Fire Police was the Aotea Quay fire on 14 July 1961. The fire apparently started in the Post Office Parcels branch, spreading to a row of railway wagons. Fanned by a strong southerly wind the fire spread further to the Head Office of the National Airways Corporation and on to a railways woolstore. An acre and a half of buildings was on fire with the flames leaping Aotea Quay to set fire to a wooden fence on the other side. Some nine appliances were in use at the fire including Newlands. It was many hours before the fire was finally extinguished. The last fire attended as a Fire Police Unit was a pot of fat in Trebann Street in April 1965. Sub-Officer Latham required medical attention for a cut and the effects of smoke inhalation.