Tauranga Fire Brigade

Volunteer fireman wins iPad

Volunteer firefighter Shannon Farelly got a small surprise this week when he was named SunLive’s mini iPad winner. Shannon claims he’s usually not that lucky, but after jumping online and registering for free on the website, he’s got a new toy.

Volunteer firefighter Shannon Farelly is the winner of the SunLive mini iPad promotion.

“I’ve never been one to follow papers, but the websites really good as it covers the local news,” says Shannon. “It is easy to navigate and just scroll down picking whatever stories you want to read without having to skim through a paper.” Shannon works at MFI Engineering and has been a volunteer firefighter in Mount Maunganui for six years. “I got onto the SunLive website after being told about it by a fellow fireman. Recently I was using the site to keep up with the latest updates on the P-lab explosion.” “This is my first apple product, I’ve picked them up in shops and been looking at them and the smartphones, but their quite expensive so winning this is great.” SunLive has achieved incredible success online and according to the Nielsen Media reports SunLive is typically in the top five most viewed new websites in New Zealand for newspapers online. “Classrooms and the next generation are starting to be taught about instant technology and the benefits of online, and the SunLive website lets us be a part of that,” says SunLive general manager Ross Brown. “The way people are reading their news is changing, and most receive their daily news online as they get news as it happens and for free.” As well as the breaking new stories, photos and video, SunLive also supplies multiple services like weather, funeral notices and a variety of blogs to keep the reader informed.