2015 National Firefighter Combat Challenge

2015 National Firefighter Combat Challenge

The National Firefighter Combat Challenge returned to Wellington's Waterfront for the third year.

What a weekend!

Amazing battles were seen and personal bests were smashed at this year's National Firefighter Combat Challenge in Wellington, and a brand new National Champion was named. Congratulations Ed Jackman of Cust for collecting the Challenge medal and the title of 2015 National Male Champion, and to Angela Munro of Otahuhu who remains the National Female Champion for 2015 - well done!

The weather was perfect for both Challenge days and perhaps contributed to their months of training and hard work to achieve such spectacular times. Just 16 seconds separates the top ten Individual male times - two of which are in the Over 40 category!



Open Male
1st    1:43. 53  Edward Jackman, Cust
2nd   1:44.40  Steven Maw, Southbridge
3rd    1:46.74  Dave Shaw, Te Awamutu

Over 40 Male
1st    1:46.74  Dave Shaw, Te Awamutu
2nd   1:58.24  Scott Cubitt, Christchurch Airport
3rd    2:04.17  Neil Gardiner, Takaka

Over 50 Male
1st    2:08.97  Sean Jackman, Cust
2nd   2:18.18  Stu Goodhew, Edgecumbe
3rd    2:34.61  Ian Campbell, Te Awamutu

Over 60 Male
1st    2:27.29  Tom Reid, Christchurch Airport
2nd   3:28.66  Tony Dench, Havelock North

Open Female
1st    3:14.66  Angela Munro, Otahuhu
2nd   3:18.89  Amelia Wood, Lincoln
3rd    3:43.06  Kathryn Scott, West Harbour

Over 40 Female
1st    3:14.66  Angela Munro, Otahuhu
2nd   3:53.33  Heike Fetting, Eastbourne

Over 50 Female
1st    4:30.84  Tineke van der Heide, Little River


1st    1:28.56  Silverdale
2nd   1:29.75  Southbridge
3rd    1:43.69  Southbridge Blue

1st    1:58.81  Ed Jackman, Cust and Amelia Wood, Lincoln
2nd   2:09.08  Anna Alexander and Dave Shaw, Te Awamutu
3rd    2:13.39  Barry Baker and Kathleen Penny, Edgecumbe

3rd place was incorrectly awarded at the Prize Giving function on Saturday night due to a technical issue. We apologise to Barry and Kat for the error and UFBA have sent them their respective certificate for recognising an amazing achievement!


1st    1:29.59  Run it like ya stole it, Palmerston North
2nd   1:29.64  Silverdale
3rd    1:28.10  Southbridge

Relay Round 1, Elite 8 and Final 4 are run on a knock-out basis so that's why Southbridge appear in third place, even though they ran a quicker time than the overall winners!

Find the full results below.

Thank you

A big thank you to all of our Officials and local Organising Committee who volunteered to assist us with such a massive challenge. You took time away from your families and jobs to help and without you, the challenge could never go ahead. Thank you!


Friday 1st May, 2015


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