NZFBI Field Day - Christchurch International Airport

NZFBI Field Day - Christchurch International Airport

Sunday 17th May 2015

Cost: $20 payable in cash on the day of the Field Day

This field day coincides with the delivery of CIAL's new High Reach Extendible Turret Tender. The tender has the ability to cleanly penetrate the fuselage, even composite materials found on newer aircraft, and to extinguish fires within the plane. The visit will take participants to Air New Zealand's aircraft maintenance hangar to view fixed fire protection systems and gain a practical understanding of the use of dry powder extinguishers on liquid fuel fires.

Learning outcomes:
• Gain an understanding of fixed fire protection systems, including deluge and automatic foam cannons
• The practical use of dry powder extinguishers, comparing the effectiveness of ABC and BC powder on liquid fuel fires
• Demonstration of AFFF foam on a liquid fuel fire
• Demonstration of the capabilities of the High Reach Extendible Turret
• An understanding of hazards working around aircraft
• Gain an insight into the principles of aircraft rescue and firefighting

 To register to attend, send an email to including the following information:

    * Name
    * Brigade

    * Date of Birth
    * Postal Address
    * Phone number

    * Driver Licence Number


NZFBI Field Day - Christchurch International Airport
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Sunday 17th May, 2015


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