NZFBI Field Day Wellington: What happens when the big one comes?

NZFBI Field Day Wellington: What happens when the big one comes?

Emergency Preparedness and Management

Wellington is sitting on a fault line and is a candidate for the ‘Big One’.

Geological evidence off the Wairarapa coast and fringing Cook Strait indicates highly damaging megathrust earthquakes are capable of generating a devastating magnitude 8.0+ and tsunami.

A subduction earthquake could cause estimated $13 billion damage, with about 3550 deaths and 7,000 injuries.

How is Wellington preparing for events of this nature, who will respond, for how long will the City have to fend for itself before advanced help arrives, how long will it to get back on its feet?

This field day, presented by Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office, will look at these questions, the evidence to date and its response plan.

Participants will also be taken on a field trip to a number of the locations showing the terrain and fracture lines in its topography.

What you’ll learn

Programme (subject to change)

0845    Registration -  Wellington Railway Station, West Wing
0900    Introduction to Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office
0940    Community Resilience
1030    Operational Readiness
1110    Visit to National Crisis Management Centre (NCMC) - Beehive Bunker
1200    Lunch
1230    Looking at scenarios - Response Management
             Urban Search and Rescue
             Injury and treatment
             Medical Health
             Restoration of Lifeline Services
1400    Field Trip - Points of vulnerabilities in Wellington
1630    Conclusion of Field Day


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Download the Wellington Field Day poster (PDF, 106KB)and display it on your brigade's noticeboard.


NZFBI Field Day Map Wellington Railway Station

Map showing the location of Wellington Railway Station West Wing

Download File (pdf, 278KB, last modified February 26 2017)
NZFBI Field Trip Wellington 2015 Notes for the Day

Notes for the Field Day

Download File (pdf, 2MB, last modified February 26 2017)
NZFBI Wellington Field Day Poster
Download File (pdf, 106KB, last modified February 26 2017)

Thursday 12th November, 2015


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