Industry Organisations

New Zealand Fire Service

NZ Fire Service

The Fire Service's mission is ‘to reduce the incidence and consequence of fire, and to provide a professional response to other emergencies. It's primarily responsible for providing fire protection to urban and semi-urban areas, along with initial response to all incidents of fire throughout the country. Other emergencies include vehicle extrication, medical co-response, hazardous material incident, urban search and rescue and natural disasters.

National Rural Fire AuthorityNational Rural Fire Authority

The National Rural Fire Authority is responsible for co-ordinating the rural fire management activities of New Zealand. They aim to reduce the number and consequence of wildfires in New Zealand’s forest and rural areas.

New Zealand Firefighter’s Credit Union

Credit Union The Credit Union are a non-profit organisation providing financial services for the Emergency Services Community. UFBA members, NZFS employees and their family are welcome to join to benefit from financial services including savings, loans, insurance and financial advice.

New Zealand Firefighter’s Welfare Society

Welfare SocietyThe Welfare Society helps firefighters and their families and offers a number of benefits including healthcare, medical visits, holiday homes and counselling. UFBA members and NZFS employees are welcome to join.

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