10th May - UFBA National Firefighter Combat Challenge

  Posted on 6th July 2017 by The Hof on behalf of Matata Volunteer Fire Brigade in Brigade News

What an outstanding UFBA National Firefighter Combat Challenge on the Wellington waterfront on Friday and Saturday! Wellington definitely put on some great weather for us too! We got some personal best for times and QFF Dobson & RFF Dobson are now 2nd fastest in New Zealand for the Women's Tandem Team! Great results and great fun all round!
For those that don't know, the Combat Challenge is like a Firefighter Iron Man and is the most physically demanding of our Challenges - so crossing the finishing line is all the more rewarding! It's earned the reputation of being 'the toughest two minutes in sport'.
Wearing full bunker gear and breathing from a BA set, competitors race against each other and the clock in a series of tasks across the course. The five tasks are:
Climbing a 6 storey tower carrying a length of 70mm 19kg flaked hose, Hoisting a 70mm hose coil 6 storeys, Chopping using a 4kg shot hammer to drive a beam 1.5 metres, Extending a charged length of 45mm hose to knock down a disc, Dragging a life sized dummy of approx. 81kg a distance of 30.5m - Easy right?! .....

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