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We’re excited to provide members with an opportunity to build a brigade website for free using our practical website builder and manual. The system has been set up with a focus on ease of use so that anyone with a reasonable knowledge of the web should have no trouble using the system.

Developing a public facing website can help raise a brigade's profile within a community and with stakeholders. View current brigade websites here.

Further Info

Our website builder provides a template that can be tailored for individual brigades. It has a standard format with some static pages as part of a standard navigation bar, so that information can be readily uploaded about events, news, supporters and photos. In addition, any news and events can also be listed on the UFBA news and events calendar so that members can stay up-to-date with what is happening across the country.

How to Get Started

  1. The chosen website administrator(s) need to register as members of the UFBA website (if they are not already). Go to the UFBA website and click REGISTER at the top right corner of the screen.
  2. If already members, go to the UFBA website, Login, Edit Profile and ensure all the information listed is accurate, especially the BRIGADE NAME.
  3. Once membership has been activated, login and download the Web Administrator Form. Have your CFO/DCFO complete and return the form to us at
  4. We will set up your website and send further instructions. Download the UFBA Website Builder Manual.


Before getting started, consider who is the right person/people to administer your website? You can have up to three. This role should be considered and filled in the same way you would select someone for any job – so ask: “Who has the skills, interest, enthusiasm, and capacity to effectively build and maintain our website?

Your administrator(s) should be someone who uses a computer regularly, has strong writing skills and the time and enthusiasm to keep your pages regularly updated. For security reasons, this person must also be an active member of your brigade. Also, keep in mind that there is a certain level of responsibility associated with this role, as unsuitable content could damage your brigade’s public reputation.


New Website Address: URL Forwarding
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