2016 UFBA Conference in Brief

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2016 UFBA Conference in Brief

Hon Peter Dunne
NZFSC Chair Paul Swain
UFBA Chair Rick Braddock
Financial Performance
Patron Dame Margaret Bazley
New Officers and Directors
UFBA Benevolent Fund
Provincial Associations: The future
UFBA Life Honorary Member, Nigel Lilley
AGM Minutes, Workshop Presentations and Photos

Minister appreciates UFBA contributions

The Minister of Internal Affairs Hon Peter Dunne connected his speech to the Building strong foundations theme of this year’s Conference.

“The progress we have made this year is down to exactly that—strong foundations,” he said.

Mr Dunne expressed his appreciation to everyone involved for the positive contributions to date, including from those present at Conference, which have largely made possible the biggest reform of fire and emergency services in 70 years.

He said work is now well underway to make the transition to FENZ a reality. The Transition Team is continuing to work with the sector and stakeholders as much as possible, including ongoing work with the UFBA on key issues such as the direct engagement of volunteers and the transfer of response assets.

However, he said, it is critical to the structure and performance of the new entity that the relationships between the community, the volunteer and the brigade continue, to ensure we continue to have strong foundations to build from.

Mr Dunne reiterated that 1 July 2017 is just the beginning. “We have four years to move to a fully integrated organisation, and that means taking the time to get it right.”

“The regard I have for the work of the UFBA and FRFANZ cannot be overstated, and I absolutely expect these existing relationships to be carried forward in the new organisation.”

Hon Peter Dunne

Download Mr Dunne's speech here

Relationship with UFBA critical to FENZ success

NZFSC Chair Hon Paul Swain also found the theme Building strong foundations very appropriate. He said there are real advantages in a country the size of New Zealand to having one organisation properly funded and prepared to meet whatever the future throws at us.

“We cannot do the job without volunteers—that’s the strong foundation,” Mr Swain said. “The single thing that unifies us is the  desire to serve our communities.”

He emphasised the relationship with UFBA (and other organisations) is critical to the success of FENZ. “We are planning for the future—with your help.”

Mr Swain asked delegates for their feedback at four FENZ workshops at Conference on key issues where UFBA/FRFANZ are working in partnership with FENZ on co-design proposals:

  1. Volunteer relationship with FENZ
  2. Local Committees
  3. Day One Operations
  4. Principles by which FENZ will recognise, respect and promote volunteerism.

See more about the FENZ workshops here

The FENZ Transition Team provided a one-page handout  for workshop participants on what’s changing and what’s not from 1 July. Click here for the one-page handout or download below.

Download Mr Swain's presentation here

UFBA Board & FRFANZ 2016 Conference

UFBA/FRFANZ: A powerful united voice

UFBA Chair Rick Braddock focused on how all the actions we take to deliver excellent advocacy and support services are key to achieving our vision: Better, more sustainable emergency services for New Zealand communities.

Rick explained how the Conference venue, Wigram Skies, was created by Ngāi Tahu Property in the relatively short time frame of 2010 to 2016. He related this development to the work the UFBA is doing to represent members’ interests during the fire services reform:

Rick said the Board and management take great pride in the quality and extent of the actions the UFBA has taken.

A significant achievement this year was the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding by the UFBA and FRFANZ to work together as we transition to FENZ.

The UFBA brings together the collective strength of 536 member brigades and fire forces. Together with FRFANZ, we have a powerful independent and united voice.

Rick assured delegates we are in a strong position to make sure members’ voices are heard and their needs are met as we work with the FENZ Transition Team on organisational design and policy details of the new fire and emergency services organisation.

Download the UFBA Chair Rick Braddock Board Report and presentation here

Financial Performance

The Board of Directors reported a surplus of income over expenditure of $70,343. The majority of this surplus is being invested in an up-to-date and independent IT infrastructure and phone/internet system and developing an interactive database

Our aim is to have systems that are fit-for-purpose to best serve and support our members during the transition to FENZ.

The UFBA is in a solid financial position as we move into the next financial year. Our accumulated funds stand at $734,951 and our liquidity is strong in that our current assets of $751,209 exceed our current liabilities by $447,533.

See the full report from the Board of Directors in the 2016 UFBA Annual Report

Our Patron

Dame Margaret Bazley said she was delighted to be at Conference as Patron. She was impressed with what the UFBA has achieved during the fire services reform and paid tribute to our Chairman, Board, Chief Executive Officer and members for their tenacity in pursuing points they could not accept.

She felt the UFBA is in good health and is in a strong position with its leadership and a good relationship with the NZFSC and FENZ Transition Team.

She particularly applauded the signing of the Transitional Advocacy and Support Agreement with NZFSC. Dame Margaret said the level of engagement members have had in the reform process is commendable.

UFBA Board & Patron Dame Margaret Bazley 2016

New Officers and Directors

President for 2016/17, Alan Kittelty, was installed by retiring President Russell Anderson. Joe Manihera was declared Vice President for 2016/17.

Russell Anderson and Judith Stanley were elected for two-year terms on the Board of Directors. Judith was applauded as the first woman elected as a Director. Retiring Directors Nigel Lilley and Matt Cleaver were thanked for their dedication and commitment by UFBA Chair Rick Braddock.

The two new members of the Technical Panel are Shayne Kennedy from Silverdale and Ces Pacey from Amberley.

UFBA Board 2016

UFBA Board Directors: Bill Butzbach, Deputy Chair Glenn Williams, Chair Rick Braddock, Russell Anderson and Judith Stanley

Benevolent Fund


Chairman Alan Cockburn said it was pleasing the member contribution has increased from $2.00 to $5.00 per member per annum. This has given the Trustees confidence in the faith shown by members towards the Fund and enable quick and appropriate assistance to members in times of unexpected hardship.

During the year, the Trustees dealt with 20 applications, dispersing $44,000 of funds in ex‑gratia payments. Alan encouraged members to remember the Fund is available to assist in times of genuine need and to act quickly in contacting the UFBA family for assistance.

Provincial Associations: The future

Warren MaslinAt a workshop on 11 September for Provincial Association leaders, UFBA Directors and senior staff, Warren Maslin (pictured), President of the Canterbury Provincial Association, was selected to present on behalf of all Provincials at Conference on the workshop discussions and future initiatives and strategies.

In 1878, the prime purpose of the UFBA was: Establishing an organisation to enable discussion on matters of mutual interest and to form a better means of liaison between volunteer brigades.

It was established at the workshop that our purpose was the same, but we faced challenges in our structure and systems and our effectiveness is affected by inconsistent resourcing.

The conclusions were that the future for Provincials lies in having:

The next steps are to have regular meetings with the strategic thinkers of the UFBA to make these ideas a reality.

Warren encouraged members to support their Provincial  Executive leaders by driving a strong culture of change and development at their brigades and getting involved with Provincial activities.

See Warren's address and presentation here

UFBA Life Honorary Member: Nigel Lilley

Nigel Lilley LHM 2016Congratulations to Nigel Lilley (pictured), CFO Rolleston Volunteer Fire Brigade, for being made a Life Honorary Member of the UFBA.

Nigel has been a significant contributor to our organisation. He has been a consistent participant in various UFBA Challenges at all levels and has spent considerable time and energy in all aspects of organising, officiating and managing events.

This year, Nigel completed six years as a Director on the UFBA Board—this included two years as Deputy Chairman. He has represented the UFBA on many New Zealand Fire Service working parties and committees.

He has also made a significant contribution to the Canterbury Provincial Association.

AGM Minutes, Workshop Presentations and Photos

Visit www.ufba.org.nz/events/2016_ufba_138th_annual_conference to download AGM Minutes,Workshop Presentations and view Conference Photos.


FENZ: What’s changing and what’s not Oct 2016
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