2016 UFBA Conference: Interactive workshops

  Posted on 30th August 2016 by Loralee Hyde in UFBA News

2016 UFBA Conference Workshops logoThe theme of this year’s conference is Building Strong Foundations—a reflection of the resilience and adaptability of Canterbury following the devastating earthquakes and the region’s ability to embrace change and grow stronger.

The Conference interactive workshops will provide delegates with ideas and resources on how to deal with change and lead through the fire services reform—thereby building stronger brigades and communities.

Aly McNicollThe New Zealand Coaching & Mentoring Centre is delivering two workshops.

1.   Conversations for Change—Helping People Make the Transition

Organisations are usually change heavy and transition light. This practical workshop provides tools for change by focusing on the conversations you have with staff and volunteers to help them move from the old to embrace the new.

Conversations make a relationship and are a useful place to focus when leading people through change.

This workshop:

2.   Leading Through Change

When it comes to change, it is different strokes for different folks. This practical workshop looks at how people manage change and the strengths and weaknesses of different personal change styles.

It looks at the process of transition and the steps people go through when they leave the old and move towards the new plus shows how to help people at various stages of the process.

Damian D'Cruz3.   Encouraging and inspiring others

Damian D’Cruz returns to introduce a simple ‘what, why, how’ model for you to use in communicating change.

This active and engaging workshop covers:

4. Smarter, faster, better, cheaper

A ‘how-to’ and tips session from Debbie Mayo-Smith teaching you how you can be more efficient and effective: getting more done in less time, faster business processes and improved communication.

All from making simple little tweaks to what you do now. A sample of a few points we will cover include:

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