Hon Peter Dunne statement - Broad support for changes to our fire services

  Posted on 7th August 2015 by Loralee Hyde in UFBA News

Message from George Verry, Chief Executive Officer

Internal Affairs Minister Hon Peter Dunne today released a statement regarding the extensive consultation around the Fire Service Review discussion document.

More than 230 submissions were received including the UFBA submission on behalf of members.

Mr Dunne said consultation meetings around the country and the submissions have together sent a strong message in favour of change.

Themes that came up at the meetings and in the submissions emphasised the importance of strong links between the fire services and their communities, the need for strong support for volunteers, effective service delivery and options for improving funding sources.

As members will recognise, these messages are a strong reflection of elements of the UFBA submission.

Mr Dunne also said he is keen to keep stakeholders involved to work through the best way to achieve greater coordination and integration, and better support for firefighters. Consultation will be ongoing.

UFBA will continue to represent members' interests in this consultation.

Mr Dunne notes he will take a paper to Cabinet that encapsulates the main themes identified in the consultation for decision by the end of the year.

We applaud the positive nature of Mr Dunne’s statement.

However, we will continue to advocate for a major thrust of our submission, that is, the proposal of a Volunteer Charter to be agreed between NZFS, the Minister of Internal Affairs, the National Rural Fire Authority and volunteer representatives, along with other elements strongly supported by our members.

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Download Mr Dunne’s statement

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