Apply now for 2016 NZFBI exams

  Posted on 28th June 2016 by Loralee Hyde in Membership news, UFBA News

Apply now for 2016 NZFBI exams

From Brendon Wood, NZFBI President

The close-off date of 1 August for NZFBI exam applications this year is fast approaching.

Candidates who intend to sit exams should be well into their study programme and have their application forms lodged with the UFBA.

The transition into the new exam structure is now well advanced. Candidates aiming to complete a course of study under the old format (or take advantage of very generous cross-accreditations) are encouraged to target this now as the final changeover will occur next year.

If you have sat and passed papers towards the next tier but haven’t completed the required papers, or if you have passes in career TAPS or Volunteer QFF, then this is your opportunity to finish those qualifications or apply for cross-credits.

The new format will better appeal to a wider audience and support a more diverse range of development areas. It will ensure the NZFBI exams are worthwhile training opportunities, provide a good return on learning investment and remain a top-class product with valuable post-nominals.

There is some confusion over ‘who can sit what’ in this new format. Any member of a UFBA affiliated brigade can sit the NZFBI exams. For new students, the Associate paper is the entry level exam. This two-hour short answer/multi-choice paper is QFF level and serves to consolidate your QFF learning and acknowledge your learning retention. If you have papers under the old system towards this tier, then you are best to finish within that format.

The new Member Diploma papers will be presented for the first time this year. The exam panel has been working tirelessly to develop a challenging yet achievable syllabus for each unit. They have researched and provided complex reading lists to support your learning and are now well underway with drafting a range of questions to be considered for inclusion in the final papers. I have every confidence these new exams will be world class.

In summary, if you want to be identified as a valuable brigade member with a sound technical background, then the NZFBI exams can provide that status. The new exams exemplify the ambition of the founding NZFBI Councillors whose aim was to ensure consistency across the country and provide a easily recognised qualification to confirm this.

For more about the NZFBI exam structure click here

Applications close on 1 August and the exams will be held on 3 September. For application forms click here

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