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  Posted on 31st August 2015 by Loralee Hyde in UFBA News

From Nick Gray, NZFS


During May 2015, the business requirements for the new Availability and Messaging System (formerly the VACS trial) were completed with input from a reference group and Request For Tender (RFT)evaluation team with representation from ICT and Operations.

Operational representation included Executive Officers, UFBA members,ComCen staff, Volunteer Support Officers, Career firefighters, and Volunteer firefighters.

An RFT was advertised in May and ten vendors responded by the June closing date.

In July the evaluation team met to evaluate the responses, recommending four vendors to be short-listed.

What’s next?

The short-listed vendors will be asked to provide more detail on their solution, and a presentation pack has been compiled highlighting the information we want them to expand on.

These questions will be tested by an independent panel consisting of Operational and ICT personnel before being sent out to ensure the right enquiries are made.

Vendor and solution selection will be progressed after the vendor presentations.

This is a significant project and it is extremely important that we choose the solution that best meets the needs of NZFS.

Therefore we will be working with vendors to thoroughly assess their proposed solution against our needs before making a final decision.

Planning for delivery will begin once the solution is selected and we will keep you informed on progress and likely timeframes as this information becomes available.

Right now

In the meantime the current software and support licenses for brigades using VACS were extended until the end of December 2015.

Brigades that currently use the VACS solution will continue to be supported until an NZFS wide solution is in place.

For more information contact Phil Monrad

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