UFBA Chief Executive Officer George Verry to step down

  Posted on 24th May 2017 by Loralee Hyde in UFBA News

Message from UFBA Chairman Rick Braddock

UFBA Chief Executive Officer George Verry to step down after the new Fire and Emergency New Zealand organisation is set up

Wellington, Wednesday 24 May 2017 – UFBA Chief Executive Officer George Verry advised the UFBA Directors at a board meeting on Monday of his intention to step down from his position at a date to be agreed after the new Fire and Emergency New Zealand organisation is set up. The agreed date will depend on the needs of the UFBA and its membership.

George was appointed as Chief Executive Officer in September 2008 at a time when the UFBA was experiencing serious financial concerns. With his background as a partner in a major Chartered Accountants firm, the organisation quickly regained financial stability and has since been in a very safe pair of hands.

UFBA Chairman Rick Braddock said with the sound governance, strong financial controls and fit for purpose resourcing George has instigated over the past nine years, the UFBA is now regarded as a robust, professional and innovative advocacy organisation.

“Our member brigades and rural fire forces along with our principal funder, the New Zealand Fire Service, and the New Zealand Fire Service Commission now have high confidence in the UFBA.”

Major achievements since George came on board include implementing effective and appropriate strategic planning, delivering an exponential growth in strong advocacy and support services to members, providing opportunities to grow leaders within the membership through the highly valued Leadership and Governance workshop programme and building the UFBA events programme including the annual conference to strengthen the skills of members.

Mr Braddock said a significant development recently has been the extensive consultation and engagement undertaken by the UFBA with members since the Government released a Fire Services Review Discussion Document on 27 May 2015 to reform the legislation, structure and funding for rural and urban fire services.

“The UFBA represents the interests of 537 fire brigades and rural fire forces throughout the country, comprising more than 14,000 volunteer, paid, urban, rural, industrial and defence firefighters.

“The Board acknowledges the extraordinary contribution George has made on behalf of all firefighters to influence and effect relevant change during the transition to Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

“We have no doubt this legislative process may not have proceeded as smoothly without George’s dedication and his measured guidance on key issues pertaining to firefighters and their relationships with the New Zealand Fire Service.”

Mr Braddock said George will assist the UFBA Board during the transitional phase over the next few months as the organisation searches for a new Chief Executive Officer during this exciting time in the sector.

“The Board expresses our gratitude and appreciation for George’s contribution to the UFBA over a lengthy period and his commitment to better, more sustainable fire and emergency services.”

Rick Braddock
UFBA Chairman


UFBA News Release CEO Position 24 May 2017
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