Let your voice be heard: Elect your representatives

  Posted on 3rd October 2016 by Loralee Hyde in UFBA News

Let your voice be heard: Elect your representatives
Are you a delegate for your brigade at the 2016 UFBA Conference? At the 138th AGM of the United Fire Brigades’ Association, brigade delegates have the opportunity to vote for your representatives on the UFBA team.

What we are looking for
How do I vote as a delegate?
Proxy voting
The voting process

What we are looking for

As a Conference delegate, you have the right to vote on behalf of your brigade as to who you think should be decision makers in the UFBA and how we work for you. The hard part is deciding who would be the best fit for our organisation and who has time to commit to these volunteer positions, so here are some pointers on what we need to make up the best team for you.

Directors of the Board (two vacancies)

Board Directors play a key role in our organisation. They set the culture and the strategic direction for the UFBA and our team. This will help us grow into a stronger and more effective organisation.

The role of our Board Directors is one of governance, not management, and is clearly focussed on our strategic goals. The wide range of skills and attributes required by the UFBA Board as a whole include:

However, a candidate does not need to tick all the boxes as UFBA will provide newly elected Directors with effective leadership and governance development.

For more on the skills and attributes needed, click here

Who are the candidates? (six nominees)

Each of the six candidates will speak at the AGM to give you a summary of their skills and attributes.

For more about all candidates, download their profiles below or click here

Vice President

The Vice President is a largely ceremonial role but the person who fills this position needs to have many of the same skills and attribute as a Board Director.

There is one candidate for Vice President—Joe Manihera. He will speak at the AGM, however, with only one candidate there will be no need for a vote.

Technical Panel

Technical Panel representatives ensure UFBA Challenges and their rules are in line with Fire Service policy and techniques.

There is one candidate for the Technical Panel vacancy—Shayne Kennedy. He will speak at the AGM, however, with only one candidate there will be no need for a vote.

How do I vote as a delegate?

1) We have sent your brigade a specific Voting Card—this will be easy to recognise as it’s brightly coloured

2) What you need to do before you come to Conference:

a) Ensure you complete and sign the Voting Card

b) Bring the brightly coloured Voting Card to Conference with you—this is really important

3) Your Voting Card has two parts:

a) The bottom part: at registration, you will be asked to hand over the bottom half of your form. Ensure you have completed the left hand side of this section.

b) The top part: this is what you will physically vote with. You must hold on to the other half and keep it in a safe place for the duration of voting.

4) If you forget to bring your Voting Card to Conference, a replacement will be available at the registration desk.

Can’t come to conference but your brigade wants to vote?

Proxy voting

If your brigade can’t come to Conference this year, you can still vote for your representatives by ‘proxy’.

1) Each brigade delegate attending Conference can be a proxy voter for another brigade that is not physically attending Conference.

2) Ask a neighbouring brigade that is sending a delegate to be your proxy voter.

3) Even if your brigade is not attending, you will still receive a Voting Card from the UFBA:

a) Complete the right hand side of the Voting Card—this card must be signed by your OIC or CFO.

b) Arrange to give your completed Voting Card to the attending brigade delegate so they can take both their own card and yours to Conference.

c) Make sure you give them clear instructions as to how you’d like them to vote.

d) They will then be able to cast votes on your behalf.

Proxy votes: Important Notes

Electing your representatives

The voting process

1) There are two vacancies on the Board. All six nominees will stand for the two positions. As a delegate, you will need a clear direction from your brigade of who to vote for.

2) Each of the six candidates will speak at the AGM to give you a summary of their skills and attributes. You can also download their profiles below or click here

3) When it is time to vote, you will be given voting papers for the first vacant position. When you have completed the voting paper, raise your hand holding up the part of your Voting Card that you have retained. Your vote will be collected by scrutineers who will count the votes.

4) If in the first vote, one candidate obtains more than half the votes, that candidate will be declared elected. If no candidate secures more than half of the votes, then further ballots will be held until one candidate secures more than half of the votes with the bottom polling candidate being removed from the next ballot each time.

5) This whole process will then be repeated for the second vacant position. Be prepared for quite a long process!

If you have any queries about electing your representatives, email the UFBA Events Team


UFBA 2016 Conference Candidate Profiles
Download File (pdf, 1MB, last modified February 26 2017)

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