Posted on 31st August 2017 by migsnz on behalf of Hutt Wairarapa Op Support in Brigade News

Members of HWOSU gathered last night for the 62nd AGM for our unit - and the 1st AGM under Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

As well as going through the adgenda we also voted in 2 recruits as full members as they have completed their compulsory elements  - congratulations to Michaela Jull and Rebecca Brieton and welcome aboard!

Congratulations to the following people on receiving unit trophies

Most drills attended for the year - SFF Megan Chambers
Most fire calls attended for the year - QFF Chris Donachie
Fire Fighter of the year - SFF Alex Roberts
Goof up Flushy award - SSO Wayne Bedford (its abit hard to alight out of the vehicle without taking your seatbelt off 1st)
Command and Control award - SFF Megan Chambers

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