Magirus prototype purchase

  Posted on 4th April 2016 by Loralee Hyde in Membership news, Brigade News

Magirus prototype purchase
In recent years, the Fire Service has built a number of prototype vehicles, for example the Light Response Vehicles and most recently the Type 1 4WD.

Mike Moran, Fire Service Fleet Manager, says the key elements when considering this new appliance, were innovation and automation.

“The work we do is changing and the mix of incidents we attend make it important to source appliances that suit both our current and future needs,” says Mike.

The Fire Service has purchased a one-off prototype. It is a fully built-up appliance from Europe—Magirus HLF 10—built on an Iveco cab chassis. The delivery date is October 2016.

Why are we trialling the Magirus?

Buying an off the shelf appliance that’s used by European fire services, gives us the chance to look at trialling certain operational features.

In particular, we’re interested in the pump control system, the custom crew cab and the equipment layout and locker features. These are notable differences from our current appliances.

Where will it be trialled?

The appliance will be trialled by a number of brigades, locations to be determined.

We realise there is a need to get a wide range of feedback from operational personnel on the appliance features.

After the trial, the appliance will be at a station. All the lessons learnt from the trial will be incorporated in future appliance specifications and the procurement processes.

To find out more about the Magirus look at Firenet, or contact Mike Moran on 04 439 7845 or email Mike

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