NZ Law Commission – Review of the Sale of Liquor Act

  Posted on 8th July 2010 by Loralee Hyde in UFBA News

Earlier this year the NZ Law Commission reported to Parliament on a review it had completed of the current legislation.  This report considered the canteen/bar facilities in place in most NZFS brigades, and proposed that the exemptions from licensing regulation which is currently enjoyed by our brigades be dis-continued. 

Prior to the issue of this report, George Verry (UFBA), together with Dame Margaret Bazely and Murray McKee (NZ Fire Service Commission) met with Sir Geoffrey Palmer (NZ Law Commission) to push our case for retaining the exemption from licensing.

UPDATE:  24 August 2010

The just-released Government report on alcohol reform recommends fire station canteens remain exempt from having to hold a licence to sell or supply alcohol. Last year the UFBA and the New Zealand Fire Service Commission combined to present a submission to the Law Commission, Sir Geoffrey Palmer, advocating the status quo – that fire brigades, particularly volunteers, have unique reasons for retaining their onsite canteens without the need for individual licences.

Sir Geoffrey decided there should be no exemptions for canteens, but the Government has recommended otherwise. “This is a good outcome,” says UFBA Chief Executive George Verry, “but it’s just one step along the legislative process towards the exemption being in new liquor law passed by parliament.”

(The only other 2 exemptions recommended in the report are Police and Defence canteens).

More info:

We will continue to closely monitor the progress of this NZ Law Commission report.  If, and as appropriate, we will advise and (probably involve) our member brigades in future actions.

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