Understanding the new NZFBI exam structure

  Posted on 10th July 2015 by Loralee Hyde in UFBA News

The NZFBI is still offering three diplomas

Here is how they will be structured and assessed.

1.  Associate Member (AMNZFBI)

The Associate Membership qualification is one three-hour written exam you are able to sit once you have completed two years of eligible service.

2.  Member (MNZFBI)

The Membership qualification will be achieved by passing four three-hour examinations. It will take a minimum of two years to obtain this diploma.

3. Fellow (FNZFBI)

Unlike the other two qualifications, Fellowship is obtained by attaining the required number of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours and by application to the Council.

CPD hours can be obtained through attending NZFBI /IFE Field Days.

Transition arrangements between the old and new qualifications frameworks

The Council does not want to disadvantage anyone who already has exams under the existing framework.

So it has developed a time-frame that will let you sit all of your exams and complete all your diplomas within that system.

Download exam transition information

For those who do not have any exams under the old framework

You will be able to sit the new Associate diploma exam from 2015.

This exam will run in conjunction with those who are completing their Associate diploma under the old framework.

See more details of the New Associate Exam 2015

From 2016, the new Member Diploma exams will be available for those who have passed their Associate diploma under either framework.

These exams will run in conjunction with the old framework examinations, for those completing their diplomas in that system.

Frequently asked questions

When can I sit the new Associate diploma?

You will be able to sit your first diploma (Associate Member) after you have achieved two years of eligible service.

What will be the syllabus for the Associate diploma?

The syllabus for the Associate diploma will be based on the equivalent knowledge/experience required for TAPS QFF.

Download the syllabus.

See more details at New Associate Exam 2015

Am I eligible to sit the exams?

If your Brigade is a member of the United Fire Brigades’ Association, then you are eligible to sit the exams.

When do the exams take place?

The exams are held annually on the first Saturday of September.

When will the Member exams be introduced?

The Member exams will be introduced in 2016.

I currently have an Associate diploma, can I sit my Member exams under the new system?

Yes, you can. If you have gained either the Associate or Membership diplomas, you can continue with your next diploma in the new qualification framework.

However, the new Member exams will not be available to sit until 2016 and the Fellow diploma is still being finalised.

If you have gained any diploma under the new framework, you will not be able to sit any further exams under the old system.

When must I register to sit the exams by?

You must register to sit the Institute exams by 1 August. Your registration must be accompanied by the required examination application fee.

Download the application form.

For more details visit Application Forms

Are there incentives for volunteers to sit the exams?

Yes. For volunteer firefighters, the NZFS will pay a study grant of $250 for each NZFBI diploma you pass.

You can claim the study grant from the NZFS on the standard claim form with proof of your diploma.

A standard claim form is available on Firenet. When completed it must then be sent to your regional headquarters.

Will there be any recognition of prior learning and the ability to cross-credit?

Yes, there will be the ability to cross-credit and for the recognition of prior learning at the Associate level.

Once finalised, we will publish detailed criteria on this website.

10 July 2015


NZFBI Exam Information 2015
Download File (pdf, 95KB, last modified February 26 2017)
NZFBI Associate Syllabus 2017
Download File (pdf, 468KB, last modified June 21 2017)

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