NZFBI Membership

  Posted on 29th February 2016 by Loralee Hyde in Membership news

NZFBI Membership

From Brendon Wood, NZFBI President

It is with continued enthusiasm and renewed vigour that I step back into the role of President of the New Zealand Fire Brigades’ Institute.

It is an exciting time for the Institute as we seek to invigorate the membership and enhance the learning opportunities provided.

Our main focus will continue to be the development and education of firefighters—but this focus will be shared with our partners the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) and the New Zealand Fire Service (NZFS) training teams.

Planning is already underway to ensure the work being carried out is cost effective, worthwhile and valuable to you as an active member of your brigade.

There will be continued opportunities to enhance your theoretical knowledge via examinations and the facilitation of technical field days and training days in conjunction with the IFE and local fire brigades at sites of mutual interest. 


One of our key projects will be the membership database.

It has become increasingly hard to maintain an accurate picture of who is a member, where they are from and how to make contact.

Without access to our members, it is difficult to maintain a customer focused approach to the Institute’s activities and even harder to alert members to what is being provided.

If you feel that your details may be inaccurate due to recent moves or you are aware of other movements, please let us know—the NZFBI Council is your Leadership Team, and you, the members, are the Institute.

Examination structure

Treading the same ground will not provide the effectiveness required from the NZFBI in this current age.

Fire services have changed and the role of the NZFBI needs to change with it.

We will seek to ensure the work we do is current and effective, and provides good value to the membership.

This has seen the need for a new and improved examination structure.

This new format is now into its second year with the gradual phasing out of the old structure occurring concurrently.

I encourage any NZFBI student who is part way through a qualification to continue their study to ensure that previous effort is not lost as the exam structures transition.

Contact us

This year will be a busy one for the NZFBI Council.

Along with the usual activities conducted throughout the year, we will be looking at our membership database, modernising our rules and regulations (constitution), developing a marketing and communications plan and continuing our IFE and NZFS relationships.

If you are a member of the Institute and feel you have some skills to assist, please let us know.

Find the NZFBI Council contact details here

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