UFBA and Provincial Associations MoU

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Provincials (and Sub-Associations) play a vital role in support of firefighters

In the weekend, the United Fire Brigades’ Association and Leaders of the Provincials from around the country met to discuss renewed ways of working together for the collective benefit of members.  The parties agreed to an over-arching MoU as an expression of interest to work more closely together.

For years there has been the misconception that the Provincials report to the United Fire Brigades’ Association (parent organisation). The Provincials (and Sub-Associations) however, are their own Associations, with a common purpose of providing services to the brigades and members within their provincial boundaries. The United Fire Brigades’ Association provide a support and guidance role only.

“The provincial membership has changed over the years, and this is the opportunity to strengthen how we all communicate to adapt and modernise our delivery.” says Jason Prendergast, UFBA President, WCPFBA Trustee & LHM.

The MOU is in two parts. The main body of the document sets out the weekend agreement to work together more closely.  The schedules to the MoU capture information that will change more readily over the years (i.e. contact details), or commitments around a specific area of collaboration that may require separate liaison with respective members before proceeding.  Click on the link below to view the content of the MoU.  Schedules will be included later following further discussion.