UFBA Chair not available for reappointment

  Posted on 15th December 2017 by Loralee Hyde in UFBA News

Wellington, Friday 15 December 2017

UFBA Chair Rick Braddock announced today he was not available for reappointment to the UFBA Board on the expiration of his current term of office in June 2018. 

“I was surprised and flattered that senior members of the Association considered my contribution to the UFBA important enough to warrant putting a special remit to the 2017 UFBA Conference seeking a temporary change to the Association’s rules,” Rick said.

“That would have enabled the UFBA Board to consider me for reappointment at the expiry of my third term of office. It wasn’t a done deal, it just gave the Board more flexibility in the appointment process. I was even more flattered when the vast majority of Conference delegates enthusiastically endorsed the remit.

“Since Conference some concerns have arisen over the process by which the special remit was put to Conference. Against that background, I have reflected on how best to advance the good governance of the Association.

“I am particularly keen to ensure the UFBA remains unified and focused on addressing the challenges of the future,” Rick added. “Heavens knows there are enough of them.”

“I am not interested in unproductive and divisive debate about procedural perfection. I have concluded I can serve the UFBA best by playing a constructive role in the process to select and appoint a highly qualified and experienced Board member to replace me in July next year. 

“To clear the way for the Board to get on with the appointment process amongst the many other pressing tasks it faces, I advised the Directors today that I am not available for reappointment after my current term expires.

“I am proud of the progress the UFBA has made during my five and half years as Chair. The UFBA is in good heart. The Association is well-positioned within the new fire and emergency services regime and enjoys a very positive relationship with the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Board and management.

“I am committed to supporting the UFBA Board to find the best possible candidate to replace me in July and thereafter will look to play another supportive role in the volunteer fire and emergency services sector,” Rick concluded.


Bill Butzbach
UFBA Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 04 237 2681
Mobile: 027 482 2207

Download the media release below.


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