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  Posted on 28th June 2016 by Loralee Hyde in Membership news, Event News, Brigade News, UFBA News

Friday 28 October to Sunday 30 October 2016: Christchurch
The UFBA Annual Conference is a time when your brigade can contribute to the way the UFBA acts and how you are represented.

2016 UFBA Conference logoThere are three key roles to be voted on at Conference as well as changes to the rules and regulations of the Association.

As a Conference delegate, you have the right to vote on behalf of your brigade as to who you think should be decision makers in the UFBA and how we work for you.

The hard bit is deciding who would be the best fit for our organisation and who has time to commit to these volunteer positions.

So here are some pointers on what we need to make up the best team for you.

What we are looking for

The three positions are:

Your brigade has been asked to nominate someone for each of these positions. If you want to make a nomination, here is what we are looking for.

Directors of the Board

Board Directors play a key role in our organisation. They set the culture and the strategic direction for the UFBA and our team. This will help us grow into a stronger and more effective organisation.

The role of our Board Directors is one of governance NOT management and is clearly focussed on our strategic goals.

Download a matrix showing the wide range of skills and attributes required by the UFBA Board as a whole.

However, a candidate does not need to tick all the boxes as UFBA will provide newly elected Directors with effective leadership and governance development. They will also gain valuable experience by working with current Directors.

Vice President

The Vice President is a largely ceremonial role - but the person who fills this position needs to have many of the same skills and attributes as a Board Director.

They will attend Board meetings so they can understand what is going on in the organisation.

Throughout their tenure that will end in the Presidency, they will also need to attend a number of ceremonies. So their time needs to be flexible.

Technical Panel representative

Challenges are one of the key ways we engage with our members. Through the Challenges, we educate our members and help them fine tune their skills.

Technical Panel representatives are responsible for ensuring Challenges and their rules are in line with Fire Service policy and techniques so our learning opportunities are meaningful to members.

Download a chart of the key skills and attributes required by the Technical Panel as a whole.

However, a candidate does not need to have every skill or experience detailed as UFBA will give a newly elected Technical Panel representative priority for effective leadership and governance development.

How do you vote at Conference?

At least one month before Conference, we will send your brigade an information pack for your delegate.

This will include a profile of all the people who have been nominated for the available positions and information about decisions that will need to be made at Conference.

The pack will also include a voting card which is specific to your brigade - this will be easy to recognise as it will be brightly coloured.

Your voting card

Your voting card has two parts:

  1. You must have this voting card signed by your OIC or CFO in front of you to acknowledge that you have the permission of the brigade to attend as their representative at Conference.
  2. Bring the voting card to conference with you - this is really important! At registration, you will be asked to hand over the bottom half of your form. YOU MUST hold on to the other half and not lose it. 

If you forget to bring your voting card to Conference, a replacement will be available there.

When it is time to vote, you will be given voting papers for all the positions that need to be filled. When you have completed the voting paper, raise your hand holding up the part of the card that you have retained. Your vote will be collected by scrutineers.

And you are done! Easy as that.

Can’t come to conference but want to vote?

Yes, your brigade can do this by ‘proxy’. You will still receive a voting card and you should complete this.

Identify a neighbouring brigade that is attending Conference and ask them to take your paper with them. They will then be able to cast votes on your behalf.

Make sure you give them clear instructions as to how you would like them to vote. The package that you receive with your voting card will include all the information you need to make your decisions.

Note that a brigade can only be a ‘proxy’ for one other brigade.

More about the 2016 UFBA Conference

Click here for more about the 2016 UFBA Conference


UFBA Board Skills and Attributes 2016
Download File (pdf, 86KB, last modified February 26 2017)
UFBA Technical Panel Skills and Attributes 2016
Download File (pdf, 82KB, last modified February 26 2017)

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