NZFBI Diploma Exam Structure

"Better informed firefighters will have more choices and skills to call on and, in turn, be safer and more effective on the job."

NZFBI offers three Diploma qualifications

Here is how they are structured and assessed.

1. Associate Member (AMNZFBI)

The Associate Membership qualification are two two-hour written exams you are able to sit once you have completed two years of eligible service.

2. Member (MNZFBI)

The Membership qualification will be achieved by passing a further two three-hour examinations.

3. Fellow (FNZFBI)

To be advised in 2019.

Unlike the other two qualifications, Fellowship is obtained by attaining the required number of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours and by application to the Council.

CPD hours can be obtained through attending NZFBI /IFE Field Days.

“The NZFBI diploma examinations are a fantastic way to build on your firefighting knowledge. Anyone who’s thinking about sitting the exams should, as they will help you to upskill, which can only make you a better firefighter.”

Quinn Le Cheminant
Newlands Volunteer Fire Brigade

Transition arrangements between old and new qualifications frameworks

The Council does not want to disadvantage anyone who has exams under the old framework.

So it has developed a time-frame that will let you sit all of your exams and complete all your diplomas within that system.

Download exam transition information


Am I eligible to sit the exams?

If your Brigade is a member of the United Fire Brigades’ Association, then you are eligible to sit the exams.

When do the exams take place?

The exams are held annually on the first Saturday of September.

You must register to sit the Institute exams by 1 August.

Your completed application form must be accompanied by the required examination application fee.

Click here for an application form and for more details

Are there incentives for volunteers to sit the exams?

Yes. For volunteer firefighters, the NZFS will pay a study grant of $250 for each NZFBI diploma you pass.

You can claim the study grant from the NZFS on the standard claim form with proof of your diploma.

A standard claim form is available on Firenet. When completed, send to your regional headquarters.

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