NZFBI Member Diploma Exams

The NZFBI Member Diploma will be achieved by passing four two-hour examinations.

It will take a minimum of two years to obtain this diploma.

Syllabi and reading lists

Download the following documents to see the NZFBI Member Diploma syllabi and reading lists that will assist candidates in their preparation to sit the exams.

Community Fire Risk Management (PDF, 96KB)

Fire Investigation (PDF, 297KB)

Fire Science (PDF, 383KB)

Rural Fire Operations (PDF, 349KB)

Urban Firefighting (PDF, 306KB)

Member Diploma Exams

The exams are held annually on the first Saturday of September.

To take part in this year's exam, please complete the exam application form below and return it to UFBA by 1 August.


NZFBI Member Diploma Community Fire Risk Management
Download File (pdf, 96KB, last modified May 25 2016)
NZFBI Member Diploma Fire Investigation
Download File (pdf, 296KB, last modified March 18 2016)
NZFBI Member Diploma Fire Science
Download File (pdf, 382KB, last modified March 18 2016)
NZFBI Member Diploma Rural Fire Operations
Download File (pdf, 348KB, last modified March 18 2016)
NZFBI Member Diploma Urban Firefighting
Download File (pdf, 306KB, last modified March 18 2016)
NZFBI Exam Application Form 2016
Download File (pdf, 471KB, last modified July 20 2016)

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