A joint message from Fire and Emergency NZ, UFBA and NZPFU RE Section 66

A joint message from Fire and Emergency New Zealand, UFBA and NZPFU

Any authorised person present at an incident already has the powers they need to respond irrespective of roles, ranks, or positions. They do not need to be temporarily authorised to perform or exercise the powers of a higher rank or position.

The interim command and control policy M1 POP states an arriving officer (or officer-qualified Senior Firefighter) is to take control if the first arriving appliance does not have anyone officer qualified on board.

Any Fire and Emergency NZ staff and volunteers can request a copy of the National Notice if you cannot access it from the Portal. Please use the contact us tab above.

Read the full National Notice here https://portal.fireandemergency.nz/notices-news-and-events/notices/038-2018-section-66-of-the-fire-service-act-1975-no-longer-applies/

Read the interim command and control policy M1 POP here: https://portal.fireandemergency.nz/documents/m1-pop-command-and-control-policy/

Fire and Emergency still endorses the practice of temporarily promoting personnel to assist with management of a brigade, or for development purposes.

Fire and Emergency have consulted on this matter with the UFBA and NZPFU and we support the notice to provide guidance, so everyone is aware Section 66 is no longer to be used.

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