Fire and Emergency New Zealand – Proposals for Organisational Structure and Approach to Rank

18 September - Formal Consultation


The UFBA has been represented in some discussions with the United Service Delivery (USD) Working Group that have led to the formation of the Fire and Emergency New Zealand – Proposals for our Organisational Structure and Approach to Rank. We have spoken up loudly when we felt we needed to, to represent the interests of our members (within limitations of an embargoed environment at times).

We are now about to move into the formal consultation process with FENZ, that is open to all employees, volunteers, Associations and Unions to have their say. We encourage you all to speak up to ensure the structure and appointment criteria for new roles enables Fire and Emergency to meet the needs of New Zealanders (now and in the future) and to cultivate a healthy organisational culture where our members can develop and flourish.

More recently, the UFBA has collaborated with Forest and Rural Fire Association NZ (FRFANZ) and Rural Professional Association (RPA). This is good timing to give our collective voice more reach as we move into this formal consultation process.


On 18 September 2019 FENZ will release its Fire and Emergency New Zealand – proposal for our organisational structure and approach to rank proposal for consultation.

This is a document which outlines proposals for:

Those that are affected and impacted

It’s important to note that the proposal includes both affected and impacted people in current positions. FENZ’s Employee Transition Protocol (ETP) sets out how FENZ will manage the process of transitioning its employees from current to a new organisational structure. This protocol does not apply to volunteers as they are not employees of FENZ. It does not apply to contractors of FENZ as the terms and conditions of their contracts with FENZ would apply. The ETP defines affected and impacted as follows:

The proposal does not propose changes to Chief Fire Officer, Controller and Senior Station Officer however because of where FENZ has drawn the line in terms of how far the changes will go - by default these positions will be “indirectly impacted” but only in so far as the name of the position they report to could change.

Those employees who are proposed to be “affected” will be invited to a meeting on Monday 16th or Tuesday 17th September to provide them with advance notice of the potential impact of the proposals on their substantive position prior to consultation going live on Wednesday 18th September at midday. They will also receive:

For those employees who are proposed to be “impacted” they will receive an electronic letter by the time consultation starts on Wednesday 18th September to inform them of the potential impact of the proposals on their substantive position. Some ELT/SDLT will be holding meetings where able with their impacted people and invitations have already been sent.

National Information Events

It is likely that between 27 September and 8 October, 40 National Information Events will be run by FENZ ELT/SDLT across New Zealand (some during the day and some in the evening) to answer questions and provide clarification on the proposal. Invitations will be emailed to all affected and impacted people, as well as Chief Fire Officers and Controllers.  Other personnel are welcome to attend and FENZ will communicate when and where they are going to be.

It is not a forum to provide feedback – your opportunity to provide feedback will be through the feedback process outlined in this information.


Providing your feedback

We strongly encourage you all to engage with the consultation process when it commences on 18 September 2019 and closes on 16 October.  We ask that you provide your feedback soon as possible (rather than waiting to 16 October) to allow us time to consolidate all your replies into one document.

From 18 September the UFBA website (on behalf of UFBA, FRFANZ and RPA members) will host the following information:

We will pull together your feedback from across all these different channels and consolidate it on behalf of all UFBA/FRFANZ/RPA members. As the submission develops, we’ll update it on our website throughout the consultation process.

In summary, to provide your submission, you have the choice of either:

When you are providing feedback to the UFBA please be clear whether it is from you as an individual or on behalf of your Brigade, if you have discussed and agreed a response with your Brigade.

The proposed changes largely affect employees, with indirect impacts on Controllers and Chief Fire Officers. We therefore encourage you and your Brigades to take the opportunity to engage with this consultation process that will take Fire and Emergency New Zealand into the future. Appointments to key leadership positions will influence and set the tone for the culture of organisation, which is why it’s also important for you to have your say, even if you are not affected or impacted.

Any questions please email and in the meantime until 18 September consider what method you’d like to use to convey your feedback.

To download a copy of the ConsiderThis instructions please see below.

A team/group of people can provide feedback on ConsiderThis. One individual in the team/group will have to logon to ConsiderThis.  It would be helpful if within the feedback the numbers and collective nature of the group are detailed. Phone: 0800 232 015. Text: 027 525 3454.



ConsiderThis instructions
Download File (pdf, 464KB, last modified September 12 2019)
LBP - National Information Events
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Consultation FAQs
Download File (pdf, 115KB, last modified September 25 2019)
Proposals for our organisational structure and approach to rank
Download File (pdf, 2MB, last modified September 12 2019)
Proposed Position Descriptions for Organisational Structure and Rank Consultation
Download File (zip, 15MB, last modified September 18 2019)
Supporting Information for Organisational Structure and Rank Consultation
Download File (zip, 14MB, last modified September 18 2019)
Summary of the Proposal on Organisational Structure and Rank
Download File (pdf, 231KB, last modified September 19 2019)
Employee Transition Protocol
Download File (pdf, 1,014KB, last modified September 18 2019)
The Draft UFBA/FRFANZ Submission Communications
Download File (pdf, 137KB, last modified October 10 2019)
The UFBA/FRFANZ Draft Submission on Organisational Structure and Approach to Rank
Download File (pdf, 804KB, last modified October 10 2019)

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