Birkenhead Volunteer Fire Brigade

Established in 1931 The Birkenhead Volunteer Fire Brigade responds two appliances operating on Aucklands North Shore. (Waitemata Fire Area)

We are a composite Fire Brigade supporting the paid crew at night and weekends.

We respond 822 to calls that require more than one appliance, and also if the permanent crew are engaged at an incident.

Special interest areas in our district reponse zone are the Naval Armaments depot at Kauri Point, Chelsea Sugar Refinery, Auckland Harbour Bridge and the Birkenhead Shopping Mall.

We attend approximately 160 calls a year


8219 Emergency Lighting and Power Unit:

This unit was engineered from the ground up with flexibility in mind, employing a mix of fixed and portable lighting and power equipment.

Ideal for all incidents requiring additional lighting - structural and industrial fires, serious motor vehicle accidents, USAR events, civil emergency etc.

An on board generator powers two roof mounted command light towers and two corner predator floodlights.

The portable equipment includes two portable generators which can supply power for multiple tripod mounted ground floodlights on telescopes, Power-moon for wide area lighting and a Marine searchlight.

8219 comes manned with minimum of two crew (maximum six), Breathing Apparatus Sets (two), First Aid Pack, and a small galley for refreshments.

We also support the Serious Crash Unit responding to incidents all over the Auckland Region.                                                            




                                             Neighbours helping Neighbours 

                                                                 Est  Since 1931