Greytown Volunteer Fire Brigade

Fire Safety

When you think of the fire service, most people think of big red fire engines rushing off to fires to put the fire out. That certainly is a large part of our job and something we train relentlessly to deal with. But the best way to put out a fire is not with water, but education, so that the fire never started to begin with. It’s fairly rare that fires start all by themselves, somewhere along the lines, deliberately or by accident, a person is usually involved somehow. As human’s we can’t do without fire, we need fire to survive, but we need to always be treating fire with respect and demonstrate good fire safety practices at all times.

We consider New Zealand as a small country, however the NZFS is one of only a few nationalised fire services, also making it one of the larger in the world. Its fire safety programmes, such as Firewise, are renown internationally for their effectiveness through proven results. At the bottom of this page are links to the NZFS web pages, they are a great place to go for world class fire safety information.

This GVFB web site provides some great locally relevant information to supplement the NZFS fire safety information.



Further information can on home fire safety, rural fire safety and get firewise website for kids:



Additional fire safety links: