Hutt Wairarapa Operational Support

Our People

Our People

Unit Structure and Organisation

Hutt Wairarapa OSU report to a Senior Station Officer (SSO) who is in overall charge of the unit. The SSO reports to the District Management team via the Area Manager. The Unit is divided into two crews, who operate on a 'week by week' rotating roster. Each crew has an Officer in Charge (OIC), and a mix of Firefighters, Qualified Firefighters and Senior Firefighters in a fashion designed to maximise regional coverage across the Hutt Valley.

Current Membership

SSO John Edmond
SO Rosanne English
SO Mike Lock
SO Phil Campbell
SFF Steve Biddle
SFF Alex Roberts
SFF Bruce Key
SFF Megan Chambers
SFF Jackie Breen
SFF Chris Donachie
SFF Mike Owen
SFF Terina Adams
SFF Mike Owen
FF Rebecca Brierton
FF Michaela Jull
FF Dave Gibson
FF Channa Rajasuriya
FF Kaitlin Archibald

Life Honorary Members

Life Honorary Membership is awarded to members who have given long-term, significant service to the Unit.
P Campbell
R Brooks
J Fraser
J Watson
M Aamodt
G Robson
R Piper
M Buchanan
D Ackroyd
W Bedford

Note: SSO = Senior Station Officer, SO = Station Officer, SFF = Senior Firefighter, QFF = Qualified Firefighter, FF = Firefighter, PFF = Probationary Firefighter

We are currently recruiting for additional members of the unit - please view our interested in joining us page for more information.


Latest News

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