Hutt Wairarapa Operational Support

Our Vehicles

HWOSU are currently equipped with two response vehicles. Generally, both are responded to ensure that any combination of required equipment can be brought to an incident as quickly as possible.

Typical loadout includes:

    Road Cones and Traffic Control Signage
    Lighting Equipment
    Protective Tape and 'Cone Rod' barriers
    Generators and Electrical Leads, RCDs and power breakout-boxes
    Light Refreshment Capabilities
    Radio Communications
    Torches and Traffic Control Wands
    Aquavacs and salvage gear

Rimutaka 4928 – a Mitsubishi Canter 'Ultralight' appliance. Our primary response vehicle.

A member of the duty crew will respond to the station and uplift this vehicle if we are paged to respond to an incident. RIMU4928 can respond with a driver plus 5 members as crew if required, and acts as an Operational Support command point when on the scene. Its load out includes personal radio equipment for issue to personnel at the scene of an incident, as well as other resources - including lighting equipment, salvage and road cones.

Rimutaka 4926 – a Nissan Urvan.

Specialises in canteen supplies and will respond to all calls as required. RIMU4926 can respond with a driver plus 4 members as crew if required.

Private Vehicles

HWOSU members other than the duty driver(s) are authorised to respond directly to incidents in their private vehicles.
It should be noted that Operational Support generally receive no compensation for the use of their private vehicles on Fire and Emergency business.


<img alt="Photo of RIMU4926 and 4928" data-cke-saved-src="" src="" 700px;="" height:="" 337px;"="">

Rimutaka 4926 and 4928 shown together at the Upper Hutt Spring fair 2016

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