Omakau Volunteer Fire Brigade

Welcome to Omakau Volunteer Fire Brigade,

Omakau Volunteer Fire Brigade plays a major role in providing an emergency response to Omakau, Ophir and Manuherikia and Ida Valleys.

We have men and women from many backgrounds who are volunteer Firefighters. 

Most of our Volunteer's employers find considerable advantages in having people with Fire Service training on their staff - people who can fight fires, give first aid, perform CPR and keep a cool head in an emergency. Officer training also develops leadership and management skills and experience that can be useful in the workplace.

We have a competent team of 12 volunteers including Officers, Fire Fighters and Operational Support, male and female and all ages, servicing a large area of Central Otago including Omakau, Ophir, Chatto Creek, Poolburn, Manuherikia Valley and Ida Valley.
We respond 24/7 to a wide range of calls (approximately 60 a year) that range from Medicals (approximately 70% of our calls), Animal Rescues, Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVAs) and Structure Fires.

We are committed to helping the community and are passionate about what we do.

If you are interested in learning more, Please contact us to find out how to join.