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History and benefits of the Karrak 3000

History and benefits of the Karrak 3000

The Karrak 3000 Portable Rapid Extrication Beam has been developed by Senior Station Officer Warren Lauder, an engineer and member of Otaki Volunteer Fire Brigade.

This beam has been developed out of necessity over 20 years ago, as the brigade had found difficulty to open the passenger
compartment that had been extensively damaged trapping the occupants.

Off centre frontal impact damage causing persons to be trapped in the vehicle by the steering wheel, foot pedals, floor pan etc. Using the Karrak 3000 reverses the mechanism of injury /impact/ or collision, by using the cars body as anchor points to stretch the vehicle out and releasing trapped persons.

The Karrak 3000 has been designed to be portable, easy to use, reliable and safe, it can be operated by 1 or 2 persons with minimum effort and with total control, it operates outside the vehicle out of the way of medics, and other emergency personal. It can be used in conjunction with hydraulic extrication equipment.

The main benefits of the Karrak 3000 are,

Safe to use
Efficiently releases trapped persons
Operators are out of the way of medical personal and away from bleeding and or injured persons
Can be used on vehicles that are upside down or on their side
Simple design means no breakdown
Frees up hydraulic rescue equipment in multiple vehicle collisions
Breaks down for easy storage
Quiet operation
Minimal cutting required
Chains and hoist can be used for other tasks if required