Putaruru Volunteer Fire Brigade

     Welcome to the Putaruru Volunteer Fire Brigade.

This site in general is intended to be informative for those with a vested interest in the town, the brigade and our members and where ever possible we will provide some visual impact with photos and some maps.

Feel free to contact us with any queries you may have or if you have some information and pics that may be of benefit to the overall impact on our site. Incomplete pages are work in progress and to a degree will be changing regularly with updates. An explanation of what we want to achieve for each page follows on this page.

Even though this is a work in progress we have gone live for the fact that we invite input from our colleagues and our public - Contact Us now!


The Operations pages are what we do for our community in terms of emergency services. How we train our people and the skills we develop and how we maintain those skills to ensure a high standard of efficiency when we deliver our services to the community. This section will detail our Appliances and equipment and how we manage the upkeep and operational readiness required to meet the expectations of the New Zealand Fire Service and the general public.

Additional information in these pages will include call rates, types of calls, which vehicles respond to these emergencies and the outcomes achieved where possible. We will provide a breakdown of the Rank Structure and how that structure works within our brigade and management team.

Operational Support

An up front look at what we as a brigade, are trying to achieve with the development of Operational Support activities and where we believe we fit in the big picture. We will endeavour to give snapshots of where we are at present and where we see ourselves in the not too distant future. Members, training and development, Rank Structure and, Responding, transport and equipment and we will try to deliver a viable programme that is meaningful to our members and worthwhile to our community.


Here we attempt to provide a historic view of the brigade, its' members, trucks and emergencies. We apologise if we come up with some items that you may know not to be true and we ask please to contact us and correct us when you think you have a good case. We would particularly welcome photos, documents or any memorabillia that may help make up what we plan to be a museum display of relics and memories.


Here we will post all pictures relevent to the Putaruru Volunteer Fire Brigade. Some good, some bad and others indifferent and again we ask that if you can contribute to this gallery with memories and other pics with relevamce please contact us.


The single most important factor in any volunteer organisation. Employers of our members, financial contributors, professional advisers and community groups that rally and fall in behind us are all given their own personal spot in the pages of this website. We pay tribute to their assistance in past years and show our appreciation for whatever they can produce for us in the future they are heroes to our cause and we thank them here.