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Restricted Fire Season In Force.

A restricted fire season is now in force across Selwyn district.

Under a restricted fire season, only gas barbeques, crop residue and rubbish fires inside contained drums are allowed.  There are a number of conditions which must be met before fires can be lit (see ‘What’s allowed in a restricted fire season’ below).  Any other fires can only be lit if a permit has been obtained from the Council.

With fire restrictions being changed, Mr Brown says that it will become more common for people to see crop residue fires burning.   “Fire services are often called out to attend rural fires that are being supervised and managed appropriately, “he says.

“It’s expensive to attend false call outs so we encourage people to consider whether a fire is an emergency before they dial 111.  If there are people on site supervising the fire, a fire break and water on hand it is probably a controlled operation – however if there is no one present people should report this by dialing 111.”

Any future changes to fire restrictions will be posted online at

What’s allowed in a restricted fire season:

Gas barbeques are allowed if a water source is nearby.
Fires inside properly constructed drums are allowed.  Only vegetation, paper, cardboard and untreated wood can be burned and the fire must be during daylight hours and attended at all times.  A water source must be nearby to extinguish the fire if needed and the fire may not be lit when strong winds are blowing or forecast.
The burning of crop residue is allowed but only during daylight hours and must be attended at all times.  Fires may not be lit when strong winds are blowing or forecast, fire-fighting equipment and an adequate  water source must be nearby and a 10 metre firebreak must be cleared around the edge of the area to be burnt.
Fire may be lit if a specific permit has been issued by Selwyn District Council and the conditions of the permit are followed.
What’s not allowed:

Any type of fire not listed as permitted above.