Tairua Volunteer Fire Brigade


March 2013

After a long hot summer, our Tuesday night training sessions have started.  This month has seen us reinforcing our existing skills in the areas of first aid and rescue knots,  and learning about new pieces of equipment for hose and pump work and how to calculate the correct water pressure when using the new branches.  

December 2012

Training night involved a scenario with Tairua St John volunteers at Sailors Grave.

A group of people on the beach/in the bush had disturbed a bees nest resulting in numerous 'casualties', some very serious due to allergies, heart conditions and broken bones.

The St John triage tent was set up as part of the scenario and a search was also conducted when it was thought at one stage that a member of the party was missing.

These type of training nights give our brigade
the opportunity to identify areas for improvement,  prepare us for the busiest time of the year and provide us with a chance to work with our counterparts at St John whom we often see at real emergency scenes we attend.

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