Kōrero Webinar Series 2021

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Sir Graham Henry on Leadership
Note: This recording is only available for 30 days from the 25th November 2021.



Fire and Emergency's Executive Leadership Team


Nigel Latta on PTSD
Note: This recording is only available for 30 days from the 11th November 2021.




Kōrero 2021 series

Korero 2021

Building on the success of last years' Kōrero webinars, the UFBA are pleased to present the Kōrero 2021 series.

Presentation Information:

Nigel Latta - PTSD 101
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is an occupational hazard for Fire and Emergency Services personnel… but what actually is it? What’s the difference between PTSD and just being disturbed by an incident? What causes it? How can two people attend the same incident and react in very different ways? And most importantly, if you are experiencing PTSD-based issues, what can you do about it?

Fire and Emergency ELT
An opportunity to engage with Fire and Emergency, getting greater insights into what’s happening across the organisation and what this means for Volunteers. The Executive Leadership Team (ELT) will talk with you about how Volunteers are being supported, what’s happening with fleet, new equipment and IT. They’ll also talk about the establishment of the new districts and what’s happening to create a new positive workplace culture. This is a great chance for you to hear from ELT and get answers to your questions.

Sir Graham Henry - Leadership
“Resilience and success is built by learning from adversity and failure.”
Sir Graham Henry is one of New Zealand's most in demand speakers - having coached the All Blacks to glory in the 2011 Rugby World Cup, and going on to be awarded Coach of the Year at the IRB awards, receiving this award for a record 5th time. During his chat with us, Sir Graham will share anecdotes and coaching tips around the high performance environment, team culture, motivation, team development and leadership.