Nelson fire comms

To support communications from those on the frontline and FENZ HQ we're sharing the latest update on the Nelson fires from Fire and Emergency CEO Rhys Jones:

Tēnā koutou katoa,
As we enter the second week of New Zealand’s largest forest fire in more than 60 years, I want to acknowledge the efforts of everyone who has contributed to the response so far.

We have had a large number of people in many different roles, working with our partners, to bring these operations together. Thank you for the great job you are doing; it is being recognised at all levels locally and nationally.

I would like to acknowledge the leadership shown by our first Incident Management Team, led by John Sutton. Our second incident team, led by Trevor Mitchell, is now in place to continue the work.

The health, safety, and wellbeing of every one of our people is non-negotiable. We’re extending this commitment to include communities, families and our partner agencies. You have all endured long hours in extremely tough and challenging conditions, whether you are fighting fires or managing family life at home. Please take adequate time to recover and seek support if you need it. You’ll be debriefed as you stand down, but if you have any questions or concerns please go to your manager, who’s there to support you.

Please pass on my appreciation to all the employers of our volunteers, independent contractors you have brought in to support us, and special thanks to those who are self-employed. We are extremely grateful for this support and are aware of the challenges an event of this magnitude places on businesses.

We’re now seeing a shift in tempo as the complexity of this incident decreases. However, we know from our experience that the recovery stage is just as important as fighting the fire. Therefore, we expect to remain within the region for many weeks to come.

Further information about this event is on the Nelson Tasman Civil Defence Facebook page. We’re also posting updates to our Fire and Emergency Facebook page and website.

Noho ora mai rā

nā Rhys

Rhys Jones
Fire and Emergency NZ Chief Executive

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