2014 Drivers Challenge Results Invercargill

  Posted on 21st July 2014 by Louise in Brigade News, UFBA News

2014 Drivers Challenge Results Invercargill

The 2014 Drivers Challenge in Invercargill was a great success - thanks to all our competitors who took part!

A big congratulations to our overall winner Tom Reid from Christchurch Airport Brigade and to our runner-up Grant Scothern from Te Puke Brigade.

The Challenge is made up of a theory test and 10 individual events, in which drivers are judged on overall ability, efficiency, aptitude and smoothness of operation of fire appliances.

Download the full Drivers Challenge results at the bottom of this page. Here's our leaderboard:

Theory Test

1st= Tom Reid, Christchurch Airport

1st= Duncan Milne, Laingholm 

3rd= Mike Kirton, Bulls 

3rd= Matthew Hill, Toko

3rd= Donald McIntyre, Takaka

3rd= Jason Prendergast, Greymouth

Obstacle Event (Exercises 1-5)

1st - Tom Reid, Christchurch Airport

2nd - Mark Potter, Auckland Operational Support

3rd - Grant Scothern, Te Puke

Track Event (Exercises 6-9)

1st - Keith Taege, Sheffield

2nd= Grant Scothern, Te Puke

2nd= Tom Reid, Christchurch Airport

Track Event with Braking (Exercises 6-10)

1st - Keith Taege, Sheffield

2nd - Tom Reid, Christchurch Airport

3rd - Grant Scothern, Te Puke

Braking Event (Exercise 10)

1st - Jason Prendergast, Greymouth

2nd - Jesse Wilcox, Invercargill

3rd - Deane Mark, Te Awamutu

Check out the Gallery to see photos from the Drivers Challenge here.


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