2016 Australasian Rescue Challenge: Geraldine wins

  Posted on 25th August 2016 by Loralee Hyde in Event News, UFBA News

2016 Australasian Rescue Challenge: Geraldine wins
Three teams—Geraldine, Rolleston and Rangiora—were sponsored by the UFBA to attend the Australasian Road Rescue Organisation (ARRO) Challenge in Warragul, Victoria from 21-24 July.

Pictured: Geraldine with their trophy: left to right, ARRO President Mark Roche, Graeme Dwyer, Travis Smith, Christine Horne, Graeme Mould, Grant Stephens, Pat Brennan and Catherine Bishop, General Motors Detroit

The New Zealand teams competed at an international level—with 17 teams from across Australasia and Hong Kong taking part—across the  three rescue events of Time Critical, Controlled and Entrapped scenarios and a Trauma Challenge. A hands-on practical ARRO Learning Symposium and workshop preceded the Challenge.

Special congratulations to Geraldine for winning Best Team Leader (Graeme Mould) and First Place overall. They also placed second in Time Critical and Entrapped.

Rolleston collected third place in Entrapped and Rangiora was third in Controlled.

UFBA is proud of the excellent results of the New Zealand teams. Geraldine has competed for only two years—their dedication to training hard is paying off.

The knowledge and skills the teams gained from competing at the ARRO event and watching other rescue crews will now benefit their local communities at real-life emergencies.

For photos of the 2016 Australasian Rescue Challenge click here

STOP PRESS: Thanks to the superb efforts of the UFBA Technical Panel and Events Team, we have secured the Australasian Rescue Challenge in Hamilton in July 2017. This will provide an outstanding opportunity for New Zealand teams to participate—both as competitors and spectators.

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