2016 UFBA National Drivers Challenge: Practice makes perfect

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2016 UFBA National Drivers Challenge: Practice makes perfect
Simon East of Cust Volunteer Fire Brigade is the latest champion in the United Fire Brigades’ Association history books.

The UFBA National Drivers Challenge, hosted in conjunction with the Mid Canterbury Provincial Fire Brigades’ Sub Association, had a record number of competitors taking part at Ruapuna Park from 19-20 August.

PIctured: Simon East is congratulated by UFBA Vice President Alan Kittelty

All 96 drivers were vying for the coveted UFBA Challenge medal and event trophies.

With 413.60 penalties, Simon proudly took home the UFBA Past Presidents Memorial Trophy for first place overall. He also collected the National Fleet Managers Trophy for Top Rookie—a brand new category for the national challenge which attracted 46 new competitors.

Previous National Drivers Challenge champion, Braden Hammond from Bulls, placed second with 448.10 penalties. Lincoln’s Richard Reid rounded it out with 482.70 penalties—taking second place Rookie and third overall.

“National Drivers Challenge 2016 was a superbly hosted fantastic event. Highlights were meeting truck loads of new people and the comradeship. Improvements in driving skills this challenge promotes has to benefit getting our crews back safely.” Simon East, Cust—2016 UFBA National Drivers Champion

Practice makes medals and trophies

Both Simon and Richard took part in local Drivers competitions before the national event, so it could be argued that practice makes perfect—or at least, practice makes medals and trophies.

The National Drivers Challenge is a popular competition on the UFBA Events Calendar, where friendly rivalry is not only expected but encouraged and learning outcomes are continued well beyond the event dates.

“The challenge hones drivers’ skills,” says UFBA Challenges Committee Chairman Nigel Lilley. “There is only one beneficiary as a result of upskilled firefighters and that is our communities.”

If you are interested in hosting the 2017 UFBA National Drivers Challenge, please email the Events Team for further information.

Results and Photos

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