Waterway Challenge season gets underway

  Posted on 29th September 2016 by Loralee Hyde in Event News, UFBA News

Waterway Challenge season gets underway
The UFBA Waterway Challenge season is rapidly approaching with four regional events and nationals scheduled from December 2016 – March 2017.

Thank you to the brigades that have put their hands up to host these events.

Regional Challenges

Our Waterway season opens in Morrinsville with the Region 1 Waterway Challenge on 3 December, in conjunction with the Goldfields Sub Association.

Other Regionals are in the calendar for:


Online registration is now open for our Regional Challenges. Click here to download the Registration pack and register online.

National Waterway Challenge

The UFBA National Waterway Challenge will be in Kamo from 2-4 March.

2017 Australasian Firefighter Championships

New Zealand will host the Australasian Firefighter Championships in Carterton in October 2017. This will provide an outstanding opportunity for New Zealand teams to participate—both as competitors and spectators.

Keep a lookout for updates about the UFBA Waterway Season here

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