Waterway winners head to Australasians

  Posted on 4th April 2017 by Loralee Hyde in Event News, UFBA News

The UFBA Waterway season provides brigades with ideal opportunities to train and build on their pump-operating and hose-running skills.

Ruakaka National Waterway 2017UFBA General Manager Ceara Owen-Perry says four very successful Regional Waterways this year were followed by an outstanding National Challenge in Kamo.

Regionals a great success

“Our thanks to all the Regional host committees, officials and competitors for these very successful challenges,” Ceara says.

The season kicked off in Morrinsville on 3 December with the UFBA Region 1 Challenge. Matamata took first place in the 4-person event with Morrinsville winning the 2-person team category.

At the Region 2 Challenge on 21 January, the home team and host, Carterton, collected first place in the 4-person category while one of Feilding’s 2-person teams took the top spot in their event.

Mossburn A won the 2-person challenge at the Region 4 event in Wanaka on 4 February, with Kaitangata the winners of the 4-person event.

Finally in Ross for the Region 3 Challenge on 18 February, Greymouth claimed the 4-person challenge with Darfield taking first place in the 2-person event.

Outstanding Nationals

From 2-4 March, 130 competitors from Ruakaka in the north to Kaitangata in the south converged on sunny Kamo for the UFBA National Waterway Challenge.

“The event was superbly organised by the Kamo host committee and the Events Team,” Ceara says. “We were encouraged to see brigades from smaller places such as Ruakaka, Ruawai and Waiheke competing so strongly.”

The time and dedication put in by the teams to practice and training certainly paid off as there were some very tight finishes in the competition.

Matamata are the new 4-person national champions. They were closely followed by Rangiora and Carterton. Ruakaka won the 2-person event from Rangiora and Feilding 2.

Host a challenge

The UFBA Events Team encourages other brigades to look at hosting the North and South Island events in 2018.

Most towns have the facilities to host a Waterway Challenge and the UFBA has plenty of advisers to help with planning and the technical aspects.

Bringing a challenge to your town can help encourage local teams to participate. We have seen that this year with Waiheke competing for the first time in 30 years.  At the Nationals, Ruakaka took out the 2-person event while the two-women Ruawai team had a tremendous run.

Off to the Australasians

Matamata and Rangiora 4-person teams and Ruakaka and Rangiora 2-person teams are now training hard as they’re off to the Australasian Firefighter Championships hosted by the UFBA in Carterton from 16-18 November.

“We are expecting great results at this event and our local firefighters will learn an immense amount from watching the competition as spectators,” Ceara says.

More details

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