Canterbury Earthquake: The UFBA’s Role

  Posted on 11th September 2010 by Loralee Hyde in UFBA News

Ross Ditmer, the UFBA President, has issued a letter to the CFOs of Canterbury brigades affected.  View the letter here.

Also available for download are a message from Paul McGill, Acting NZFS National Commander, and a Media Statement from Hon Nathan Guy, Minister of Internal Affairs.

In the aftermath of the Canterbury earthquake, the UFBA’s main concern is for the wellbeing of the firefighters in the affected areas, who have been working tirelessly to assist their communities.  

Chief Executive Officer, George Verry, has been in several meetings with New Zealand Fire Service personnel to offer support.  He has also had discussions with Hon Nathan Guy, the Minister of Internal Affairs.  A message from Hon Guy to the firefighters involved is posted on the home page of the UFBA website.  

The NZFS has prepared a paper on firefighter welfare issues, which has been reviewed by the UFBA.  The UFBA intends to support the NZFS in any way it can to ensure the effective implementation of the welfare management plan.

In line with the NZFS plan, the UFBA is now assembling a list of volunteers in the area, not directly working on the disaster relief, who will be available to support the affected firefighters on any issues or concerns outside of operational boundaries.  Alan Cockburn, UFBA Past President from New Brighton, will take the lead on this initiative.

The Drivers Challenge and National Combat Challenge are two events that were scheduled to take place in Christchurch over the coming weeks.  The UFBA CEO and Events Manager have been in contact with the Challenges Committee and members of the local organising committee to determine the feasibility of these events under the circumstances.  Notifications on decisions made in regard to the events are available through the relevant event pages on the UFBA website.

The UFBA will continue to work closely with the NZFS and its members in the coming days and weeks to offer support wherever necessary, and alleviating the stress on the affected firefighters will continue to be the priority.

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